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There are definitive and demonstrable reasons that David’s house is “haunted”, and they are as plain as the nose on one’s face if one bothers to look.

But at the same time, I do for even a nanosecond believe that the disembodied spirits of Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring and the like, are floating around David’s house having conversations with him, anyone else, or are responsible for the various paranormal events occurring there.

But before we can get into the photo, I again must make some direct and blanket statements about the ongoing phenomena at David Oman’s house.

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Usaf dating website

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And it is this mediation process to which I am referring to here.

If the right person is in the right EMF environment, paranormal phenomena is more likely to occur than if they are not in such a location.

From what I’ve encountered, recorded and learned on my own and through other investigators who have visited this location, they are very real, scientific reasons for the paranormal phenomena occurring there that do not in any way suggest that ghosts are present and accounted for.


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