Updating the concept of prebiotics

In truth, I was as guilty of this as everyone else.I believed that ‘stress’ was the cause, and everything could be incorporated within this factor. Stress/strain represents one factor that is capable of causing CVD – quite an important one – but it c explain everything.

These results are close to results obtained by (Stoupel, 1999), for patients suffering with acute cardiological pathology. Parfeonova) revealed the relation between heart ventricular ectopic activity (VEA) and geomagnetic conditions in patients with CHD.

On the average 1995 episodes of VEA having on one patient within 24 hours have been revealed in patients, whose records coincided with the periods of geomagnetic storms and 1440 VEA episodes for active conditions.

I believe that a high carbohydrate low fat diet is utterly bonkers – especially in those with diabetes. In short, I believe that almost everything we are told is good for you, is bad for you, and vice-versa.

With the exception of smoking (bad) and exercise (good).

This is a famous paper, one of the most cited and read in medical research history.