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I even tried remove All() or refresh() to empty the Array and fill it again with the new data. Only the first loaded content is displayed in the data provider.

If i reload the whole app, the content shows the actuall content (which is the first loaded content, indeed! So my question is: I fill an Array Collection with "content RPC.send();" (HTTPRequest) once. When I user "content RPC.send()" again and the new content is different to the old one, how could I refill the Array Collection with the new content (it should automatically change the content of the dataprovider)? I am actually German, so it was hard for me to explain, what I really intend to do! greets lindner Hey Vygo, thank you for your answer. I tried the unique thing, which sounds very meaningful.

Note add Item and add All also calls add Item At, so dont need to override them.

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My problem is, when a new item added to the source, the already created arraycollections wont updated if one of the property of this new item is updated. thanx My solution is: Ive created a new class derived from Array Collection. Added a new private member that is a Dictionary, created with weak Keys turned to true.

A new public function creates a new Array Collection from its elements, and add the reference of this created collection to the private dictionary like: Overrided the add Item At, remove Item At and remove All function: each calls its super function and iterates through the dictionary, and do the appropriate function.

Copy To method of String Collection is used to copy items from a String Collection to an array. First is the name of the String Collection and second is the starting position in the String Collection.

The following code snippet copies all items from author Names String Collection to an array. NET Framework class library that represents a collection of strings.

I have verified that the Array Collection is updated via the debug data, it is just the combobox is not updating the display. ( I could not get a my code and so here is the link from google's first result.)