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One night in my bedroom after the bra unhooking had happened and Stephen's hands were in and out of my panties, I whispered that it might be better if we did this the following week.

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[Those put off by natural functions, including periods, and things like body smells of different kinds should skip this story.

The narrator and all other characters are 18 or over.] In my admittedly limited experience, girls normally place a far greater emphasis on personal hygiene than do boys.

But the next day after practice, I took a look and saw that even though I had done my usual thorough wiping job after using the toilet in a major way after lunch, there was a thin brown streak in the panty crotch.

It didn't take me long to realize that when I stimulated my sweat glands, enough wetness ran down my back or cheeks or whatever and either mixed with some inside my crack or just penetrated the anal ring enough to mix with whatever was left inside after my bowel movement and emerge right into my panties.

"Linda," he answered coolly, "I bet this is when you want it the most but you're afraid that seeing you while you are menstruating will turn me off. It's purely natural and a part of you and I'll be more than thrilled to help you deal with the mess." I found a darker-colored towel in my bathroom and soon my panties came down, my legs were spread, and Stephen was helping me remove my tampon.