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Yet by all accounts this stepmother, Susan Blanchard, grew marvelously into her motherly role, and within a few years the Fonda children were calling her "Mom-2".

Their father divorced Blanchard when Jane was in her late teens.

She was the leading lady in her first film, Tall Story, a romantic comedy co-starring Anthony Perkins.

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“We are here standing with Standing Rock for disinvestment,” Fonda commented outside the Wells Fargo bank branch.

“As a customer of your bank, I reject the notion of your supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is unjust.

When Fonda returned to America, she rather navely announced that the Vietnamese were treating all their American prisoners humanely.

Years later, several of those American prisoners said they had been forced by their captors to meet with Fonda, for the propaganda value.

She currently stars in the Netfix series “Grace and Frankie.” Levi Rickert, a tribal citizen of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, is the publisher and editor of Native News Online.