Interracial dating black women looking for white men

White women are considered the world's standards of beauty. That's why they get mad when they see a pretty White chick with a Black guy, even if the White man in question is married to a Black woman.It's not fair, it may not be right but it is what it is. The beautiful White woman is a prize in the eyes of the world.I came from the America where Will Smith and Denzel Washington, two Black actors, annually rule the box office hits of hypocritical Hollywood.

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I used to say that the Black Goddess was my standard of beauty.

Well, after a year and a half living in the City of Ottawa, my tastes have changed.

I wanted to get to know my brothers and sisters from far and wide.

I grew up in America, where most Black folks I saw came from two different groups.

The local Black women don't seem to like Black men at all.