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“Chet’s Shirt” can be tough to watch, since Larry is objectively in the wrong or inappropriate in every setup, e.g.

tossing apple cores in strangers’ garbage cans, hectoring a grieving widow (Caroline Aaron), and fetishizing her late husband’s wardrobe.

Larry buying Viagra from an elderly man in the park (David Canary of fame) is a tad silly, but works as a New York bookend to his clumsy L. pot buy in season four’s “The Carpool Lane.” It’s really Leon, kicking back and eating Champagne-filled croissants, who can once more consider himself the winner.

Producers ’s “The Wig Master”) believes him to fancy the same sex, and a couple of WASP-y country club emissaries almost buy that he’s of shared stock.

It’s amazing anyone at the funeral for Leo Funkhouser was taken aback that Larry would literally steal a prized golf club from the deceased’s cold hands — an act of thievery up there with moving his mother’s body in season three’s “The Special Section” — but “Wood” really gets its name from another standout moment: Larry running out of a bathroom with pants around his ankles, screaming, “The dog bit my penis! The closing moments of Yoshi’s dad speeding toward him in a motorized wheelchair screaming, “Bonzai!