Backdating child benefit

Housing Benefit helps you pay your rent if you are on a low income.The amount of housing benefit due to you is worked out by looking at: Housing Benefit is affected if somebody is a Student or self-employed or a person from abroad.People who are not eligible If you have a capital amount over £16,000 (savings and investments), you will not be entitled to housing benefit unless you are receiving Pension Credit Guaranteed Credit (PCGC).

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To qualify for Mortgage Interest Relief you must be receiving: Entitlement calculator To find out if you are entitled please use the online housing benefits calculator.

Special rules There are special rules for students, people in boarding/lodgings/hostels, those who live in private residential care, nursing homes, people who have two homes, people who are temporarily away from home and those who live in someone else’s home.

Anyone who has committed fraud can be prosecuted, and if convicted, they will have a criminal record.

Some typical examples of this are when somebody: We detect fraud using a variety of means.

Most people who are citizens of EU countries and who are ‘workers’ are entitled to benefit, however, the rules are complex.